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My name is Kris Kalbfleisch, owner of KMK Web Design. I am a devoted husband, father and passionate web designer. My industry credentials include a Computer Engineering Diploma along with an Advanced Web Design Certification.

Google Adwords Tips

Google Adwords is often used by businesses that utilize online marketing to attract sales. In the first quarter of 2013, Google's revenue from search ads were $8.6 billion (U.S). An important aspect for great campaign performance with Google AdWords is “quality scores”. Your quality score directly affects your marketing campaign's effectiveness, and therefore also dictates your firm's return on investment. [...]

The Importance Of Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design seamlessly scales itself to fit into devices of various screen sizes. This means that you only need to have one website built for use on different devices (computer, smartphone or a tablet). The design changes the layout according to the screen size without distortion or loss of clarity. People that view your website on mobile devices [...]

How to resolve your website response and performance issues

If your websites are experiencing response and performance complications, follow these steps to try and resolve the issues. You can pinpoint the problems that normally cause slow response and reduced performance for websites by using a tool such as Pingdom Website Speed Test. Once the diagnostic tool has identified the issues, you need to know how to resolve them. In [...]

Google Hummingbird

Google has recently launched a new algorithm, called ‘Hummingbird’. While preceding algorithms have changed a slight percentage of the way search terms are processed through Google, Hummingbird is rumored to change 90%. Obviously that means huge changes for the internet, your business and how customers will find you. You Can’t Fool Google There is now no point in focusing time, [...]

WordPress Website Security

Wordpress is one of the most universal content management systems in the world. Even better, it is open source! However, being an open source piece of software, it can be susceptible to malicious individuals burrowing through code and finding vulnerabilities in the code, which they try to exploit. As such, Wordpress sites have been prone to security breaches and [...]

5 Tips For Writing Website Content

For anyone, writing content for his or her website is one of the most difficult things to do because we have very different writing abilities and we tend to be quite perfectionist about it. To help you get over this “perfectionist obsession” here are a few tips that will make your content writing better and will serve you as a [...]

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SEO Myths & Facts

Myth : Google Page Rank (PR) establishes where your link / page would be positioned. Fact : Google Page Rank is completely unrelated to search engine rankings of any particular website or webpage. Over the years, I have recognized that Page Rank has lost its importance for Google and now doesn’t help the webmasters to get more traffic from Google. [...]