For anyone, writing content for his or her website is one of the most difficult things to do because we have very different writing abilities and we tend to be quite perfectionist about it.

To help you get over this “perfectionist obsession” here are a few tips that will make your content writing better and will serve you as a guideline on what to do, what to avoid and what to be aware of. If you are in line with these you will not be editing your copy for weeks.

1. Short sentences and paragraphs

People are more into scanning than reading on the Internet, so it is essential to give them manageable chucks instead of long blocks of text. After all you want to keep them reading.

The best thing to keep them interested is to use short sentences and paragraphs. Leave out anything you don’t need to say. Paragraphs should be no more than 5 lines long unless there is a good reason for it.

2. Bulleted (or numbered) lists for highlights

Bulleted or numbered lists are one of the very best ways to keep people interested, because they will see you are presenting them what they want in a concise way.

Use lists over splitting multiple facts with comas within a long sentence. Lists are easier on eyes and they are clearer. This will keep your readers moving through the article. And if they want to go back to something important later, it is much easier to find it in a list than in a block of text.

3. Spelling: Canadian vs American English

Always keep in mind for which audience you are writing. If your business is located in Canada but wants to attract more Americans than Canadians, then your spelling should echo that. It is easy to get confused.

For example, a simple words such as “colour” or “favour” need to be spelled “color” and “favor” for the American audience. Canadians don’t mind reading both, but if you are serious about your business professional image then this should keep your principal audience happy.

4. Use a lot of headlines

Just like with paragraphs, sections of articles on the web are also shorter than in newspapers. Use lots of headlines to break up your article into more “digestible” pieces.

However, this does not mean each paragraph will have a new headline. Only keep in mind that if a person scans an article versus reads it whether they will get some idea of what the article is about. Therefore, they can decide whether they should read the whole thing.

5. Use links to reference other pages

One of great ways to keep people on your website and help them navigate it is to use links within your copy to move them from page to page.

For example, if you write: ”If you have more inquiries about this package please contact us.”, then you would make the words “contact us” a link to your contact page.