website builders

Online ‘website builders’ seem like a good alternative to hiring a web design company. After all, they are cheaper (in the short term) and seem easy enough to use.

However, there are quite a few things that you may not realize about these “drag and drop” website services.

Below outlines some of the downfalls with using one of these services.

Ongoing costs & you don’t actually “own” the website

These drag and drop website builder companies like WIX charge you an ongoing monthly fee that can add up to quite a lot of money.

WIX’s most popular plan is $20.75 + tax CAD per month on their “month to month” plan, which is a cost that you will keep on paying until you take your website down.

Once you do cancel your monthly subscription, they take your website back and add a bunch of ADS to it, along with their own WIX domain (which pretty much renders it as useless in the business world).

When a professional web design company like ours designs and builds a website for you, there are NO ongoing monthly costs and you actually OWN the website.

Search Engine Rankings (SEO) will suffer

When you are putting your website online (whether it be for business, personal, or any other reason), you obviously want people to find it.

When using a drag and drop website builder, the code that is “auto-generated” is riddled with errors and semantic markup mistakes that will hurt your SEO rankings.

When Google “crawls” your website (meaning that they scan through your website content and code), they are looking for clean, semantic code that is easy for their algorithm to read and analyze.

If they find sloppy, incorrect code, they will penalize and/or decrease your SEO ranking accordingly (which hurts your chances of people finding your site when searching for your services etc.).

Custom features and functionality is limited or non-existent

If you were planning on adding some additional features or functionality to your website, then you might as well forget it.

The framework on these drag and drop “templates” is very basic and are not made to accept a lot of custom add-ons or alterations.

This severely limits your website from evolving in the future.

Using the same website template as thousands of other people

When using a drag and drop website template service, you are given the same template choices as the thousands of other people that are using the same service.

This ensures that your website is not unique, and these templates are also very “basic” (plain, boring designs).

Custom, professional design will give your business it’s own look and feel, which separates you from the competition.

Your website can often “bog down” and become very slow during peak traffic times

These drag and drop services are not overly concerned with the intangibles of your website once they get you signed up with their service.

The speed of your website is very important to Google rankings and also to people that are browsing your website.

Because they put you on one of their “shared servers” (which is often overloaded with too many of their other clients websites), your site will often become very slow to load during peak traffic times, which will cause a lot of people to just abandon your website.

Sub-par support

If you run into an issue with your website, or want to change something on your site that you’re not sure how to do, they will refer you to their FAQ section.

Their #1 priority is sales, so whenever you need “support” for your website, they just pass you off to their online FAQ area so that you can figure it out on your own.

In the event that you actually do get a support person on the phone, they are often not all that technically knowledgeable, and I’ve had many people tell me that it was a frustrating experience for them.