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Social Media Management can bring qualified traffic to your website

Social media management contains two essential components. They are, “paid social” and “organic social”.

Utilizing “paid social media” allows brands to display their social media posts before their targeted crowd. Facebook and Twitter allow you to customize your ads so that they are shown only to the people who you choose. (location, age, gender etc.). You would pay for the amount of “impressions” and/or “clicks” that transpire with your ad.

The targeted ads in social media not only show up for people who have liked and subscribed to your Facebook page, but also to everyone else who fits the demographics that are specified in the campaign.
What this means, is that it will bring in new customers that may have never heard of your business before.

Applying “organic social media” entails posting new products or relevant news to your social channels, and it’s free to do so. This is geared more towards your existing followers (the people who have followed your social media channel), as these posts will automatically pop up into their news feed. As with paid ads, you will have the ability to allow people to comment on your posts and you will be able to respond to them (which is a big part of audience retention).

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