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Website Trends in 2021

Website design trends change and evolve every year. So, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when your business is looking to keep up with them.You may be surprised to read that keeping up-to-date isn’t as complicated as it looks at first glance.Website trends can actually be very predictable. Most design trends occur due to priorities of web design, user experience and [...]

Is it time to redesign your website?

Trends can be a difficult and ever-changing mystery – in fashion and in marketing, too. With technology and aesthetic preferences shifting every couple of years, it’s sometimes daunting to think about how you will keep up. But redesigning your website doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s true that website design takes quite a bit of time, effort and money [...]

The Importance Of Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design seamlessly scales itself to fit into devices of various screen sizes. This means that you only need to have one website built for use on different devices (computer, smartphone or a tablet). The design changes the layout according to the screen size without distortion or loss of clarity. People that view your website on mobile devices [...]

How to resolve your website response and performance issues

If your websites are experiencing response and performance complications, follow these steps to try and resolve the issues. You can pinpoint the problems that normally cause slow response and reduced performance for websites by using a tool such as Pingdom Website Speed Test. Once the diagnostic tool has identified the issues, you need to know how to resolve them. In [...]

5 Tips For Writing Website Content

For anyone, writing content for his or her website is one of the most difficult things to do because we have very different writing abilities and we tend to be quite perfectionist about it. To help you get over this “perfectionist obsession” here are a few tips that will make your content writing better and will serve you as a [...]

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