seo-mythsMyth : Google Page Rank (PR) establishes where your link / page would be positioned.

Fact : Google Page Rank is completely unrelated to search engine rankings of any particular website or webpage. Over the years, I have recognized that Page Rank has lost its importance for Google and now doesn’t help the webmasters to get more traffic from Google. Although I see nearly every blogger doing every little thing he can to get more Page Rank.

Myth : More backlinks = Better Google PageRank (PR)

Fact : It is generally accepted that building more links will help your website to get higher PR from Google. This is completely wrong. As a matter of fact, building more backlinks certainly helps your website to achieve better ranking in Google Search Results, however, it has nothing to do with the determination of the PR of your blog.

Myth : Alexa Rank helps SEO.

Fact : This myth is truly funny. I once heard a blogger mentioning “I think I should buy web hosting from A instead of B, because A has better Alexa Rank then B”. I had to laugh when he said that. I am amazed by the importance that is given to any blog / website’s Alexa Rank to determine its value. Alexa is a 3rd Party Company, and they have their own algorithm to rank your website world wide. Google has absolutely nothing to do with your website’s Alexa Rank.

Myth : Using a C Class IP for your website helps your SEO.

Fact: I frequently talk to clients who are interested in acquiring a C Class IP for their website in order to obtain higher SERPs. I always tell those clients that this method has no truth to it whatsoever.

The Class of the IP address has nothing to do with ranking of your website. Of course having a Unique IP might help. Class concept is absolutely ridiculous. It’s more of a marketing ploy by a few hosting companies to lure clients and charge them more money.