website hosting

Making a choice on which web hosting company to choose can be hard. With all the companies out there promising to have 99% uptime, unlimited resources, and educated support, there has to be a way to filter through all the jargon and make an informed decision. Hopefully the information below will help you understand a little bit more about web hosting, and what aspects to pay attention to.


This is always the first thing that people look at. However, it’s important to keep in mind the old saying “sometimes you get what you pay for”. Things like “in house” support and quality hardware cost money, and a hosting company that charges $2.99/month probably won’t offer these features. You should take a detailed look at what each host provides and THEN compare prices.

Host Specialty

Some hosts offer very good shared plans but do not have options that are good for growing businesses, while others have great enterprise solutions but aren’t the right fit for someone with a small gardening blog. Go with one that comprehends your particular needs as a customer. You can find reviews and recommendations on the Web.

Tech Specs

If you’re hoping to host an e-commerce site, media heavy, or a site with a lot of video content etc., then you shouldn’t choose the cheapest hosting you can find. A cheap hosting plan probably won’t have the RAM, processing power, and disk space to serve all these needs.
Look into these things before you commit. If you aren’t sure how much RAM, processing power etc. you will need, ask someone who knows to assist you.

Technical Support

It is important to look into a web hosts reputation for customer support. See what kinds of different ways you can contact them when you need support – email, toll-free phone, chat, and so on. Are they staffed 24/7? Do they outsource support?
Similar to price and technical specifications, all hosts are not equal. Some hang their hat on their support department, and some view customer support as an afterthought.
If your site goes down or has issues, you want to be sure that there is a competent support department to help you.

Features / Add-Ons

What makes this hosting company stand out? What additional incentives do they provide to make hosting your site with them just a touch more attractive? Whether it’s multiple data centers, energy-saving practices, or additional features such as regular data backups or free domain privacy, hosting companies often offer more than just servers.


What kind of machines does the hosting company use? Are they top-of-the-line, or are they pieced together from what might be spare parts?
You should ask why type of hardware they use (since hardware can affect the performance of both their servers and your site).

Customer Reviews

Do a Google search for hosting companies, or look them up on social media. Read what their current and former customers are saying about them. Are they easy to contact for support? What’s the average time it takes to respond to a ticket? When they find a problem with a site, what’s their course of action?

Email Features

This is one of those areas that you may have not thought about. Ensuring that you have a properly configured email server is imperative if you rely on email as a part of your business. If you have a spam problem, then it could be because your hosting company doesn’t provide a sufficient solution to stop it. Look into the web hosts spam solutions and general email practices.